Is store manager a good way to back up the whole database

It can do this - separate from the upgrading and I was wondering if it would be the easiest and maybe best way to do it.


Use a tool such as phpMyAdmin to backup databases!

You should have a tool such as this available to you via your hosting control panel.

CS-Cart’s inbuilt database backup utility worked wonders till it stopped working for me, but then again I always did a manual.

Thanks Jesse.

But store manager says that it backs up the whole data base as opposed to the backup within cs-cart admin area which only backs up table data etc.

Meanwhile I shall check out my control panel - it is just that store manager seemed to do the job on an unchecked test and seemed an easy way for “fools” to do it.

Cpanel seemd to work okay.

Just to help my understanding what about using something like mozilla - then I do not have to go into the server control panel.