Is Paypal's " Sdk" Supported As A Credit Card Payment Method?

We are located in Japan. So traditional REST API is not supported for credit card payment when we go live.

The PayPal website says that " SDK" is supported as a payment method from Japan, but I don't see it as an option when configuring credit card payment.

Am I missing something here? Or its just not implemented in CS-Cart?

I tried setting it up as traditional PayPal Pro gateway but even when using a sandbox business pro test account credentials. The randomly generated credit card numbers return a "This credit card type is not supported" message. Because of this i believe it must be something region related.


The SDK is made by Braintree which is now a PayPal company.

I found there are Braintree addons for CS-Cart, but is this the only way

I can enable credit card payment from Japan through paypal?