Is More Than One Product Page Design Possible In Cs-Cart?


We would like to add a new product on our online store running on CS-cart 3.0.2 but would like to create a separate product page design for it with a cmpletely different layout and options.

Can we include a new product page without affecting the default product page layout that is already added on our store?

Check the “extra Details” part of the product details page for different templates. You can create your own template for it if you like


Thanks a ton John. That really will helps. But just wondering, will this method allow totally different customized layouts for all the different templates? I mean we would like to change how where the product images are shown, where the product options are shown etc.

I think so , but you would have to create the template. I only know this, not because I have created my own but am using a 3rd party addon that uses a different template that I have to select for each product that uses it