Is it possible to sort shopping cart by product code


Anyone know how if a customer clicks to see his cart that they are sorted by product code.

Right now they are listed in order of when they place product into cart. we sell baseball cards

and many of the carts can have 100s of items and it helps if they can see whats in there cart sorted by product code. if someone can point me in the right direction of which file to look under I would be grateful. I do have the invoices printing out by product code and wish to have the cart show to customer in the same manner.

PS Im still using cs-cart 2.0.8 version.


That would be handy as many of our orders can have a large number of items on it. I am interested on how you got your invoices to print out in part number order as that would be a huge fix for us. I have posted the question before but didn't get any answers on the subject.

Use the PHP hook 'post_add_to_cart' and modify the cart however you want. You can sort the 'products' (V3) or 'items' (V4) or add to the data if you need it in some other context.

Thank you for that, I'll have a good look and work it out.