Is It Possible To Send Gtin Value For Variations In Google Feed

Hi, I asked this question a year or so ago when I was trying out CS-Cart and never found a solution. A year later, I wanted to reach out to see if there were any updates.

When you send out a feed to Google, is it possible to send GTINs and any other data you want (custom type of fields) for VARIATIONS of a product? For example T-Shirt is the SKU. If I have T-Shirt-BLUE as a variation of T-Shirt and I send this out to Google in a feed, is it possible to associate a GTIN for "T-Shirt-Blue?"

Thanks in advance,

Jason Warren

Im kind of looking at this myslef but am no expert at it.

BUT Im sure you can create them as features and then send these features out to google data feed.

THE TOOL member here I think uses it a lot

I know when I tried CS-Cart about a year ago, it was not native to the feed. The variation weren't even in the feed from what I could tell. I could be wrong, but that's what I remember.

I used to use it before Google went commercial. GTIN, UPC, ect...wasn't available in CSC back then but now I believe that it's included when you use the Google export addon. You still need to set up the GTIN as a feature for products.

But can you add features to "variations"? I don't think you can for "option combinations" but don't know if they made all of a product's properties available as individual properties when a product has "variations".