Is It Possible To Place A Cs-Cart Block In A Html Page?

I would like to place a CS-Cart block for new products into a html page outside of cs-cart. Its on the same domain. Is this possible?

How do I do this?

you can try to use cs-cart widget mode

the idea is to create a separate block layout with single block - new products (in central container), no blocks in top, header or bottom containers

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WSA team

I want to place a cs-cart block in different software. So it will need to connect to the cs-cart database.

please check the youtube video from previous message

it explains that widget mode means special HTML code which can be embedded on any website page (meaning that this page has no reference to CS-Cart all)…

Interesting concept. But if people click on a product in the new products block, then will they be taken to the CS_Cart storefront?

no, widget mode works via AJAX - when you click on product link, the block will be redrawn with product details page

alternative is “Affiliates” module

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WSA team