Is it possible to offer free shipping over a certain order amount?

This forum and the KB show how to setup a free shipping method but I need to set up free shipping for orders over $75 for 1 location. Under Cost Dependencies, the default entry is more than $0 so I can never override this. Is there away to do location specific free shipping based on the order total?

I need to use real time quotes when free shipping does not apply.

use promotion page, it will help, you may try to add new Cost Dependencies in Shipping charges on your's shipping option

Thanks for pointing this out, peculiar place to put it. Unfortunately this is not location specific.

Can't you add a Condition under Catalog/Promotions and choosing either State, zip? You can also add by a dollar amount. I have many of my products set up for free shipping over a subtotal of $75.


Part of my confusion about this comes from CS-Cart telling me that to do what I want requires custom coding.

I've actually tried your recommendation about using promotions. The promo is free shipping over $74.99 and country = USA. The Bonus = Free Shipping. During checkout the cart says that the order qualifies for free shipping but what ever shipping is selected in Step 3, Payment and Shipping is still included in the order total. If I switch to a shipping address outside the USA the free shipping message is not available so I know that works. Not really sure what I am missing.


I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. You might double check that your “Condition” Group statements are correct. You have a choice of “Any” or “All”. I have “All” of my conditions are true. Order Subtotal “Equal or greater than” $75, Customer State “Not Equal to” …

Just a thought


Thanks for getting back to me. Support let me know the pieces I was missing for setup. I come from a different cart and they did things a little differently.