Is It Possible To Limit The Number Of Orders Per Day?

Is there a way to limit the number of orders per day?

I'm sure you could extend something to track that, but why? And if exceeded, at what point to do you want to notify the customer they can't place an order?

We are doing a slow phased release, so that we can address the issues that arise. Due to success in the offline departments and the high activity on the site, we don't want to be overwhelmed by erroneous orders and support requests.

Currently we just limit orders by temporarily limiting ordering, payment and shipping options. I guess that is still the way to go.

Well, as a quick solution, you could add something like the following (untested):

Create app/addons/my_changes/controllers/frontend/checkout.pre.php

Do something like:

// You can change 'checkout' to 'cart' if you want to catch this at add-to-cart instead
if( $mode == 'checkout') {
  $max_daily_orders = 100; // change to what you want
  $today_ts = strtotime('today');
  $todays_orders = db_get_field("SELECT count(order_id) FROM ?:orders WHERE timestamp > ?i", $today_ts);
  if( $todays_orders >= $max_daily_orders ) {
    fn_set_notification('E', __("notice"), "We can't accept any more orders today, sorry.  Please contact XYZ for more info.", 'K');

Thanks! I will try this.