Is It A "watermark" Or Just A Mark?

Using the Watermark addon for v4.

For our installation that the watermark function is just a “mark” not a proper “watermark”. It just places the “watermark” image in front of the product image without applying any transparency or other effect.

The function of a watermark is supposed to be to add a transparent merging of the applied image to the original product image.

Is our installation not working properly or is this a lack of function with the watermark addon?



We upload an already faded .png


The mark you see in the example is also an already faded .png. By "faded", do you actually mean "partially transparent"?
The issue is that there are no watermarking effects applied, not even simple transparency.
The result is very poor. This is not "watermarking" by definition. Simply placing an image in front of the other , then merging into one image is not "watermarking"

I guess, since nobody else seems to care about this, that cscart wont bother fixing it.

So I wonder if any addons are available to fix this shortcoming?

Well it doesnt seem like anyone else has an issue with this, but for those that may be interested.

To create a watermark rather than just a mark, use a .png format file with a partial transparency of say 50-60%, it will need to be millions of colors as partrial transparency isnt supported if the .png is using color pallet.

Also ensure the image is the size you want, as the cscart "watermark" addon is the most primitive Ive ever seen, with no transparency or sizing functionality of its own.

And note that Google Shopping will not accept products in your feed with watermarked images.