Is A Plesk Panel Necessary For A Windows Server Hosting Service

Hi to everyone. A friend sent me this question below and i will love to get more ideas on the subject matter.

"I have had a couple discussions with some friends about the "non-necessity" of a Plesk or cPanel to manage a VPS Server operating on Windows OS Server. They keep insisting on the fact that it is needed because they code on .NET. Would appreciate if more information could be brought to light on this and the possibility of managing the server without a cPanel."

Your thoughts will be appreciate

On VPS preferable unix systems, where you don't need any control panel if you are familiar with shell commands.

It all boils down to whether you want a GUI or not. Many "managed" Windows VPS providers require PLESK so they can troubleshoot a common framework. It just makes sense from a business perspective.

If someone is fine traversing Windows User Management, Group policies, IIS, SQL Console, etc ... then they can have their way with it on Remote Desktop.

The other aspect is update management ... Windows has this built in. With Linux is is usually command line/manual unless you run a config management tool and set up jobs.

e.g. you'd better be checking in on your Linux servers and running "yum update" or whatever package manager you have.

Windows will just run its updates like it does on your desktop ...

Both usually require a reboot to take affect. Windows less so...

Cpanel / PLESK bring those update notices to the forefront for you so you can decide what's important.

I have no coding knowledge, and am running a small website, I purchased a VPS from Vultr with $5, and bought a cheap control panel like ServerPilot or VPSrobots instead of cPanel. Becuase I don't expect to make money from this website to support my life. So I don't need to invest more money on this. So the kind of person like me definitely need a control panel for server management and doesn't need to hire a professional for a small website. Plus, we don't have an enough budget to hire a professional. So the best solution for us is an affordable VPS + a cheap control panel.