Is 2.1.3 coming next?

Upgrades are generally released about every 4 to 6 weeks depending upon the extent of change. So 2.1.3 should be due soon but my guess would be after the 1st of the year or just before Christmas.

i think so useful from 2.1.2 because duplicate eror is everywhere. When we solve problem then again is return duplicate error.

i import product a csv format and in admin page product not show.

Just out, but that is beta version.

[quote name=‘sellon’]Just out, but that is beta version.[/QUOTE]

Thank you

Yes, sure. But nobody knows what it’s a beta of!!! New shipping (packages) with hits of “dimensional weight”. But of course, as usual, they put it out on Friday and then left for the holiday with no responses to any of the questions yet. There’s a tread on it.

here’s the tread about 2.1.3 beta…