IP change, now I cant login admin

I had my cart setup so only my IP could access my admin area, however I had internet problems and for some reason my IP address got changed. It was an IP I had for along time.

So I cant access my admin anymore. How can I fix this so I can access my admin and fix the IP access.

If you can get to the database via phpmyadmin or whatever your control panel uses, look for the table cscart_access_restriction - There should be an entry in there with the type “aas” - if you just remove that record or change the status to D instead of A, you should be able to get to your admin panel.

Hi tim,

So I did access the database and the table / setting you said. I tried switching to “D” that did not work, so I deleted the line and that did not work.

I still can’t access my admin because of the IP block.

Is there another area this is kept. I should also mention my admin is on a https server if that makes a difference.

Hi Russ,

Try editing the table cscart_addons.

Here you will find access_restricions, set this one to status ‘D’

Kind regards,


I appreciate your guys suggestions but they do not seem to be working. I did as you said also.

on that addons one I did change it to “D” but no luck.

The options are set as;


AND the table line looks like;

access_restrictions D options as listed above.

Please, anyone able to help me with this? I submitted a ticket to CS-Cart but they taking their time responding as well and this is critical.


I took the first suggestion and deleted that line in database.

I searched database for my old IP address and it only found it in a log, no where else.

I tried recreating the first line with my new IP.

I cleared my cookies.

I still cant access my admin page. I get You are not allowed to access this area.

I am banging my head off the desk now.

acces your store from another PC with different ip and remove the ip block in admin



Sorry I should have read your post properly I see you set it for just your ip.


The PHP thing worked for me when I did this. Im not sure if it needs the cache clearing from browser and cart (shouldnt as its database) but ???


I cleared it from browser, but whats the command to clear it from cart again from address bar. Havent tried it, but I thought there was a way to do it.

CS Support looking into the problem now as well, because now my admin page and store are blank pages.

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