IP Blocker

unless i’m blind I did not see an IP Blocking feature, this needs to be implemented in 1.3.3 and I would like to see an administration panel on the admin side with some IP Blocking features. One feature in particular I would like to see is when someone “who is not on the IP Block list” attempts to log in through the admin panel is “automatically added too and blocked” in the IP Blocker. Also I would like to have the feature called “attempts” where we could specify how many attempts someone tries to then block (aka if the feature is set at 2 attempts, on the 2nd attempt at logging in they willl be added to and blocked with a warning message notifing them they are now blocked from all access for un-authorized use and must contact site administrator to un-lock access. We should have the ability to lock/unlock/ignore these IP’s. It’s important that we need an ignore IP address feature so we don’t lock ourselves(the admin) :lol: Please let me know if this is clearly explained, Thank You - snorocket