Ios 13 Browser Cs Cart Menu Links Not Working

I started receiving complaints yesterday and did the upgrade on my iphone X to test it and sure enough with IOS 13, the links to categories in the main menu of my CS Cart 4.3.6 site does not work in the version of safari browser that is bundled with IOS 13. Anyone have any ideas on this? The links worked fine in IOS 12's safari browser and work fine in chrome, IE, etc. on the desktop. I am wondering if it is somehow a no longer supported code of some sort or something else. Need to get it working ASAP though. Any help would be much appreciated. The site is if you have IOS 13 and want to test it. Thanks.

For your version, you can check this out

Thanks! That would be remove the red and add the green?

Please check

That was a huge headache to do. I can't believe there is no simple way to apply a diff to a windows file. Thank you for the code, it does work.