Invoices to my email


How can I setup the store so I’ll get copy of the invoice, or even just a massage, to my email every time order has completed ?

Thanks in advance!


2.04 version is difficult to find those features. I know this feature on 1.3.5 version.

Great,I’m using version 1.3.5

Settings–>Company–>Order department email address

Thanks “Tool Outfitters”

But for same reason Its all set right and I still don’t get Emails…

Check your settings in “Order status”.?

p - Processed, in order status, don’t have “V” on “Remove CC info” so it should send me emails…

What else can I do?


Edit: Sorry, already asked that one.

I am not sure at this point?

May have something to do with Settings—>Emails but I couldn’t tell you what because I didn’t have to make any changes there.

Yes I have.

I even able to get email from the “contact” form…


If you figure something out let me know. I’m on v2.0.6 and I’m getting emails as a customer when I submit test orders and I receive emails when using the contact form.

But when I check my merchant sales mailbox I’m getting nothing? My order status is marked notify for Open orders. The manual is very little help too.