Invoice.tpl Amendment


I'm trying to change the invoice.tpl file that is used on the Order Confirmation email that is sent to the Customer and Order department.

I have tried to change this in the file editor (mail > templates > orders > invoice.tpl)

and also using dreamweaver and editing the invoice.tpl file stored in var\themes_repository\responsive\mail\templates\orders

but, neither seem to have any affect at all, even once the cache is cleared.

The cart version is 4.2.2

What I am trying to do is include the customers email address on the invoice, which currently it does not.

I am trying to intergrate on the website, and they require a copy of the order confirmation email to be sent to them which includes the customer email. One week after order has taken place, they automatically send the customer and email to complete an optioinal review.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

You should modify two files:



And do not forget to clear cache after your changes

Thank you.