Invoice Totals Layout

Hi, this is my first post, after read a lot to help to better configure our store.

we have a multi-vender store selling from Spain to the world. Taxes are correctly calculated in both cases, when we sell from the Spanish website (with Spanish company confguration) to a Spanish customer, and when we sell from a multi-vendor store (Germany one located but with Spanish company configuration for taxes purposes) to a German customer.

The problem is taht we want the same configuration at the printed invoice and in the backend orders page in the Germany store than in the Spanish one.

I attach two files with the order total detail for both cases, the numbers are correct, but we want the same layout in Germany than in Spain.

We use basic template without modifications.

Spanish vendor example:


Germany vendor example:


Thanks in advance for your help.

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this issue might be about tax configuration, but there are too many possible cases.

please provide temporary FTP access so we could check.

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WSA team

Yes, looks like TAX configuration. We are also ready to help you, please PM me if interested