Invoice Template


I'm editing my invoice template in v4.6.2 and I was wondering how to create a footer on a template (I know it sounds basic but I'm still learning! :grin: )

I want to put my company information as well as having automated page numbering as sometimes the invoices go onto 2/3 pages. Can someone advise me how to do the page number too, please? :mrgreen:

Many thanks!

1. You can create new snippet similar to default Company address or edit the current one :

2. I am afraid, it is not possible to add page numbers in the current version of template editor

I have manually entered the details at the moment but I will change it to a new snippet. The only issue I have is that doesn't work as a footer (staying at the bottom of the last page). It looks fine if the invoice is 1 page long, but if it spans across 2 pages then the details appear in the middle of the page

It is hard to answer on your question without code review. Try to play with styles

I can give you the code to review if that makes it easier? At the moment I am using breaks to

space the company information to the bottom of the page. This works fine for a single page invoice. However, when I have a 2 page invoice, the company information appears in the middle of page 2 (due to the spacing I am using). If I was able to create a footer (like in Microsoft Word) this would resolve this issue.