Invoice Logo Size?

What is the proper size to create your logo for the invoices, etc. I want to upload the correct size so it doesn't get “adjusted by CS-Cart” which distorts the image.

I did a search but surprisingly didn't see this posted previously.

Any help is appreciated.

Try 181x84


Hello, jhagg!

Please, follow this directory skins/your skin/manifest.ini In manifest.ini you should specify your necessary parameters for width and height of “invoice_logo.gif”

Best regards, Alt-team

Hi - old thread I know but I have been searching for days now to find an answer. Can anyone tell me how I can put my company invoice onto the emailed invoices please?

Thank you


Did you mean '[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]put my company logo onto the emailed invoices please'[/font][/color]

In 3.0.6 it's under Design > Logos

in v4, under design, themes, visual editor, then change general to logos on the left