Invoice / Credit Note Date

Now that we have the document editor, we should have a string for Invoice date (the date the Invoice was generated) and Credit Note date (the date the Credit Note was generated). These are not the same as the order date and should be linked to the Invoice / Credit Memo number generation which is different to the order number.

Does anybody have this setup.

I believe there is an addon for this. I can't remember it top of my head, please check market place. i haven't switched to 4.4.x so I don't have this function yet.

I do not think any addon exists for latest document editor…

ecommlabs did an addon for me that enables invoice date and despatched date to be shown seperatley


I agree, there should be a different field for "Invoice Date"

we have orders that come in and the invoice gets generated up to 3 weeks later. We legally need an 'Invoice Date', not just 'order date'

This should really be a default behaviour of cs-cart. I dont want to start modifying code or creating an addon.