Inventory stock update API?

I have had a good look round but still a little confused as whats best.

I want to automaticaly update stock levels/prices but unsure which way. I have 8 suppliers who have large spreadsheets of products,(90 k each) some have API access, some FTP, Id like to be able to import these levels / prices etc every hour to update my CS cart store builder 4.17 site.

Can anyone give me any pointers please to the best most automated solution


Our addon can update stocks and prices very very quickly and support any file type - Excel, CSV or XML.

We can download addon via FTP, for API custom development will be required.

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thanks, what does “price list configuration mean”
what do I choose Screenshot by Lightshot

and sorry, i want to install it at is available for purchase -, but It wont let me checkout
Screenshot by Lightshot

This option means that we can configure one file import for you.