Inventory Quantity Handling

Hello All,

I'm looking into purchase of CS-Cart Professional. I've read several threads and searched manual (community ed., anyway) related to this topic but still have questions. Forgive me if they've been addressed/answered before.

We make several custom items, some of which require a week or more lag time. In other cases, we have items on backorder from another manufacturer. I still want customers to be able to order the item even if there isn't sufficient qty on hand. From reading, I assume that's doable given correct setup.

What I can't tell is whether their credit card would be charged the entire amount of order, or only those items which CS-Cart knows are shippable based on quantities. Maybe this is a configuration thing too. Maybe I can edit orders through admin to reflect actual shipped. I've only played around with community version on XAMMP since I wasn't sure how fast I'd dig in to the 30 day trial.

That leads to management of quantities. We use an outside accounting package for inventory handling among other tasks, since we are a walk-in/brick-and-mortar store as well. IOW, all sales don't flow through our web store. Is there a successful solution (I'm thinking periodic imports) for updating quantities in the CS-Cart database?


Your first question, you want c[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]ustomers to be able to order the item even if there isn't sufficient qty on hand - that's a standard setting.[/font][/color]

About inventory: I see your problem. With some custom work you should be able to connect cs-cart and your accounting package and sync inventory I guess. Or you could upload a CSV with updated inventory.