Internationalization Not Working In Seo?


Internationalization doesn't seem to be working on our website

First: the Google Sitemap Addon generated a sitemap, but of the possible "homepages" in different languages, only the default was included.
So I added manually the,, and in the sitemap.

The sitemap is there for more than a month now and I can see Google has crawled hundreds of pages.

The above mentioned additions in the sitemap are at position 2 till 5.

Now, when I search for the website on Google, it only shows the English version, while I am clearly looking for our website with Dutch keywords and while I am searching from The Netherlands, with a "clean browser" (no cookies stored).

With Bing the problems are comparable, so I must be doing something completely wrong?

Thoughts about what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance,


First of all, thank you for me wanting to go to Bali now ;)

Second, I do see you Dutch pages. My guess is they simply have a lot less ranking than your English homepage. See attachment.

And third: this might be weird advice, but out of laziness, I kinda stopped using sitemaps all together on all our websites and those we developed. Google has become so fast in picking things up, I don't even really notice the difference. And it seems to crawl them just fine. So maybe, you could just delete your sitemap and see what happens. Although it might not do anything.

Fourth: check your robots.txt in case of problems like this.

Thankyou for the quick answer.

If you need any advice on Bali, just contact me.

I'll be more than glad to help after the advice you've given.

But be warned, you'll be awfully spoiled after that... ;-)

About your answer: could you add the attachment?


I always forget to click Attach. Done. And I might just contact you in some time :)

Follow-up for everybody reading this post.

Don't want to cross-post, so please see this also as an answer on post "Google Seo And Internationalization".

Because after reading an advice it's very frustrating not to know how things have worked out.

Well, I can tell you all that the internationalization is working for us know.

This appears the way to do it, but it takes some time for Google to adjust to it.

Right now we have only a few internationalization errors left (because of the testimonials which are always in English), but I think that won't hurt us with 500++ indexed pages in Google Search Console.

So... kudos for Flow, Super Druper! :-)