internaitional USPS rates gone

Just notied on our site that no options for international shipping are available. Is this due to usps or is there something we need to do in order to get those back? For example, a customer in canada wants to order but they get the error “unfortunately there is no shipping option for you” or whatever it says, yesterday there was that option but now no countries work.

It’s an issue with the setups in your cart as it relates to “locations”…

nothing has changed in my locations or my shipping methods though. THat is what is weird.

also i googled and saw there was an error like this last year at this time also. Is it something with usps web tools that its not pulling a value for?

Don’t see how a date is associated with a location… USPS rates are changing so maybe there’s a problem there. But the message you are seeing is generated when there is no match of location to a shipping method. So none of the methods are even invoked.

I’m getting this right now as well. I have a customer in Finland that is having this problem yet I have several options for USPS shipping to that country, shouldn’t be an issue.

Something’s up but I can’t figure it out, haven’t made any changes recently.

Need help, no sale = no money.

Search the forum for USPS and apply the fixes to the database as suggested.

Found and fixed.

I assume this is what you are referring to: [URL][/URL]

Yes, using gluckkkk’s fix since this comes from the helpdesk and would be the supported change.