Intermittent SSL problems

I am trying to troubleshoot why sometimes my cart checkout page will display the insecure browser icon. This issue occurs under both Firefox and IE and there is no discernible pattern to the insecure checkout. Numerous checkout attempts show it occurs randomly.

I have verified:

1.the ssl is installed correctly (it works on other pages of the site thru https://

2.all references on the checkout page are to relative URL’s

3.all third party scripts (such as seal and social bar in footer) call https:// sources

4. Secure checkout is enabled in the admin settings.

5. The config file has the https path set.

I’ve also used the Firefox LiveHTTP headers plugin to watch the headers/session when I get the unsecure icon on the checkout page. All elements listed as coming thru https:// and secure.

The store URL is:

[url]Custom Application Development Software for Business -

[Please use firefox when previewing if possible, we have several layout issues in IE we have yet to resolve]

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.

I HAVE NOT tried the following and would appreciate any advice:


this post suggests we can add https detection methods to the carts ssl detection script, has anyone needed to use this and what did you add?

The post at:


mentions an error when “SSL conf include file has AllowOverride explicitly set to None”. I don’t think this applies to my situation since I can get SSL thru a direct link with no rpoblems. It’s just the checkout page is randomly unsecure. But if anyone thinks this may help somehow please advise.

All worked as expected for me. Fire Fox 3.5.7

Thanks Roban. Unfortunately the problem randomly occurs. Sometimes you go to the checkout page or refresh it and it happens, others you have to go to the checkout page multiple times to get the error. Sometimes it happens first try.