Intermittent config changes?


dispatch=categories.add sometimes you have

Destination: and a icon to select categories

Root: a select box to choose categories…

i want to have #2… always , why is this happening ?


now i cant expand all categories… the feature completely disappeared !!!


no -+ in between… WTF ?

nm futwads @ cs decided that they should change core operations on the fly becaus they feel so…


this crap costed $ in time to figure this out

Why are you referenceing a post that is 15 months old and 10 revisions behind the current.

Your original post may make sense to you but it sure doesn’t to me. You don’t specify what version of the cart you are working with and you certainly do not clearly describe the problem. A screen shot would help.

You always have a select box to select what category the new category should be a child of (Root). If not, then this is the first category (I.e. none exist to belong to).

It sounds as if you’ve deleted your categories…

You might also find that you get a little more with sugar than you do with salt regardless of your frustration level (I become guilty of this myself). Staring a post with nm futwads @ cs is probably NOT going to get you the attention you want…