Integrations & Idea Requests

I would like to put to the community the following features / request

1) The ability to add different user statuses similar to shipping and order statuses. As some of our users account are more than 10 years old, we can not delete them, however the ability to add them to custom statuses; that could be targeted specifically would be very helpful. Such as (active, disabled, hidden, do-not-email, etc.) Creating a table which allows the selection of status via admin would be extremely helpful in marketing, promotions and user management)

2) Remove users from the newsletters / subscribers list depending on their status. This could be a manage selection, option, manual or cron. (if if they are disabled then it would remove them from all the newsletter/subscriber lists or toggle them on and off) Right now the removal of users from the list is independent of the carts operations. (You have to remove them manually, due to GDPR this is a requirement and very time consuming for store with large customer databases)

3) Adding in a bool / flag which globally sets or unsets the options for users to be contacted with the mailer class (ie bailed carts, or any other cart generated email which uses the mailer class)

4) A throttling method for emails. Some form of cron which allows the site admin to set the number of emails per hour/min or batch process. A way to set a min/ max for each service, Create some form of auto switching for emails (example send 1000 emails via the smtp service if more than that switch to phpmailer, then after a specified amount or time, switch back to smtp.)

5) A way for the cart to log emails going out independent of the host operating system. Log all email sent and which service they were sent by (smtp/ phpmailer/ sendmail)