Integrating Cs Cart With Facebook Store Product Catalog (Pixel + Microformats)


It's very useful to integrate your cs cart shop with FB Shop as it allows to tag products on FB and Instagram and link back to the store (this is the only way to link instagram photos to the store, btw).

It requires manual product entry, manual feed file upload or automatic integration via FB Pixel and proper metadata (eg. OpenGraph tags or -

The last is the only fully automatic one.

Is there any extension that would do both these things (integrate pixel and add appropriate metadata)? I know that there are some separate extensions, but it would be great to have single extenstion that would also make sure that all the specific metadata fields required for facebook are being generated.

I've noticed some of them do not generate all the required fields, eg for all the below are required:

  • name: The title of the item.
  • brand: The brand name of the item.
  • description: A description of the item.
  • productID: The retailer's ID for the item.
  • url: The complete URL for the product page.
  • image: A link to the image used on the product page.
  • price: The current price of the item. Don't include symbols like “$” in the price. Include this entry under “offers”.
  • priceCurrency: The currency for the price, in ISO format (for example, USD). Include this entry under “offers”.
  • availability: The current availability of the item. You can choose 'in stock', 'out of stock', 'preorder', 'available for order', or 'discontinued'. Include this entry under “offers”.
  • condition: The current condition of the item. You can choose 'new', 'refurbished', or 'used'. Include this entry under “offers”.


I think this is one area where CS Cart is being left behind.

Shopify and some of the other big online shop services already integrate with Facebook, Instagram, Mailchip and tens of other services.

CS Cart has pretty much no integration with these services and waiting for 3rd party add-ons which might not work or having to pay more is not really great either.

I completely agree. I am looking to do this right now as well, and having no simple tools available to get my products into FB is painful for my business.

Notice they don't communicate priorities, they don't have roadmap, FB integration should have been a priority and on roadmap.

Has anyone tried to use the add-0n Facebook-following the article in the documentation _Adding a store to Facebook.

If so please let me know your outcome.

thank you.

Hi yes we setup a facebook store with the cs cart addon, it wasnt that hard

Which plugin was successful with integrating Facebook Pixel with CSCart? We used the Simtech add-on, but the inventory count is coming in as 0 for most of our product items on our Instagram shop. And only 1/4 of our products uploaded successfully.