Integrate Html Templates (Theme Integration) In Cscart


I had developed HTML pages for my cs cart store.But i didn't know How to start theme integration in Cs cart ?

I want to follow all standards and take care of store design to update cs cart in future also.

Can any one help for this or guide me or share some useful resources link with me ?


Please start from here

Please start from here


Hi eComLabs,

I have started theme integration as per given link by you. But i think due to lack of knowledge about this my design is not working.

Up to now I have done following things:

1) Integrated all css files of html

2) Integrated all js files of html

3) Created layout file for top panel.

But now top panel section is not visible in front end.

Can you please help me for this issue and give some more details about this ?


It is required to examine what you did. If you familiar with the developer console of your browser, inspect code in it