Installing Issue


Installing CS Cart for a new website.

Installation starts, gets most the way through but seems to stop/finish at "Writing_Config"

Then when I load the website, the install prompt remains but if you click install it just adds "install" to the URL. You can do this repeatedly and end up with -

I've deleted and attempted again a few times, no luck. Any ideas?


This is a screenshot of the exact point the installation "finishes".


After that I redirected to -

The page still shows the installation link though and not the screen to choose license options.


Need help urgently.

If you click "install" - it does nothing

I checked config_local and found that the install hadn't update the database details for some reason. So I added the database details, turned on error reporting and this is what I get now


This issue should be addressed to hosting administrator

Do you know a bit more about the issue so I have more to tell them? Thanks

I had permission problems but when i change the permissions on install to 777 it works

Suggest you have your hosting review the ownerships of files/directories as it relates to the PHP mode used for your site. Generally all files/directories should be owned by [cpanel username] and group [cpanel username] and dir/file modes of 755/644.

This one's been on the back burner while I've been away. Back to it today.

Changed permissions on install to 777 as well as var/images/design.

Now install hangs at Setup Languages / Processing. [url=]Capture1234.jpg[/url]

Server error logs are completely empty.

Any ideas please guys?

May be now it is timeout issue?

Did your hosting recommend 777 for dir permissions? Seems pretty loose to me.

Generally a PHP issue will be in the PHP error_log (out of memory, exceed cpu time, etc.) and Apache issue sin the httpd log (timeouts, page status codes, etc.)