Installing Cs Cart On Nginx


Right now I'm using CS Cart on Apache proxied by nginx. (Mostly PHP files by Apache and static files by nginx.). Now I'm testing a beta installation on solely nginx. I used the guide here;

As you would notice my comment below that guide; I have managed to make the homepage work. But when any of the seo links (categories, static pages, products), it would say "Too many redirections" and wouldn't open any page. Thus I removed this line;

return 301 $scheme://$request_uri;

After that, all pages work but in condition that the trailing slashes needed to be removed. For example;

This produces a 404 error:

Manually deleting trailing slash, it works:

It goes the same for every other page. If trailing slash is removed, it works; otherwise, it's 404. I guess it's because of the insufficient redirecting rules defined in the doc; and I'm no expert at nginx configuration.

Would anyone figure it out?