Installing CS-Cart in add-on domain

Hey all, I was wondering if anybody can help me out. I have a CS-Cart installation at the root of my web host folder. We also have some add-on domains for some of our other product brands and I'm trying to install CS-Cart Ultimate in one of those add-on domains.

So within public_html is my working CS-Cart install and also the directories for our add-on domains. I can place the CS-Cart Ultimate files in one of those add-on domain directories and start the installation script but when I get to the database information it tells me that it “Can't create the database. Please check user permissions or create manually.” This isn't particularly helpful as the database was created manually and the user does have permissions, I've checked dozens of times. So I don't have any idea what's going on. Has anybody ever come across this or something like it? I would appreciate any help.


CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

and for ssl:

Is a multi-domain ssl required for Ultimate - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

Do I have to configure SSL just to install CS-Cart?

Not really a good idea to run more than one store in one cpanel account, especially as sub-directories of one of the stores.

Why is it not a good idea exactly?

SSL for one thing.

Risk of crawler crawling sub-directory site when expecting to crawl only parent directory is a risk.

Backups and other maintenance activities become difficult to manage. When you need to restore (or other operations), you have to dig through a mix of stuff versus just targeting what you want.

To me, it's like planting a vegetable garden. You can mix it all in, but at harvest time it's a pain to sort through. Would be easier to put carrots with carrots and potatoes with potatoes.

My client isn't actually using the e-commerce functionality of CS-Cart. They simply display products but don't sell anything, so SSL doesn't concern me too much. Honestly I would like to just be able to do this and work on a better solution for them at another time, as they're up against a deadline to have the site working this way quickly.

Thanks for your replies by the way!

Check that you have the “document root” set correctly for your ultimate site (I.e. /home/user/public_html/some/subdir/ultimate) and then verify your config.local.php is correct for however your site manager handles “addon domains”. Varies from host to host and also varies with different versions of cpanel.

Regarding your inability to connect to the DB… Ensure you don't have any spaces in the password you are entering and ensure that it is using “localhost” for the db server. A screenshot of your DB area of your installation process would be most helpful.