Installed 2.09 and major issues

I installed 2.09 and the following happening

-customers get stuck at step 3 (shipping tab) and can’t place order

-my google listing has an error message instead of site description

I reverted back to 2.08 and now all my orders are declining because my processor(paypal pro) thinks they are dupe invoices. I didn’t think reverting back meant losing orders…just thought it would roll back features.

So how do i set the next order number to a new number?

You can set a new order number in the General tab in Settings. Change “Initial order ID value”.


Thanks I knew it ahd to be there somewhere but couldn’t find it.

So did you upgrade? Did you have any issues?

I did a fresh install for testing so did not run into the issues which seem related to the upgrade. Even then, there were a number of problems which will hopefully be sorted in 2.0.10.


2.09 was removed due to too many bugs. Should wait for the new release

aha…was wondering why it wasn’t allowing me to re-upgrade(i know i’m a glutton for punishment)

check this out

New Milford Photo

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this is my google listing now because of 2.09


Sure hope they fix these issues quick as we are already running 2.09 and to go back to 2.08 would be messy.

I agree because I purchased cs-cart about a week ago and that’s what im running. It would be a pain in the arse to downgrade.

2.10 came out!