Installation problems, Internal Server Error

I got a 500 Internal server Error when when I went to my store’s site or admin area right after installation (s.0.9). Browsing these forums I see multiple threads with this same problem, but each with different answers.

They either seem like weird work arounds like this one

and this one.

Or simply way beyond my skill level to understand like this one

I also see threads that say change a bunch of permission to 777 (which the manual also says) but then I see replies saying how unsafe this is.

I’m not really sure how to approach this problem since I don’t really understand PHP and permissions and I am worried that if I start trying out these changing of file names and permissions I could make my site less secure.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!!:smiley:

I’d be willing to pay CS cart for an installation, but at this point I am just trying to install the 60 day trial version and don’t want to put any money in until I know I’ll go with this cart.


I had 500 error in the past. Shared hosting, low on resources and so on. Moved on to another company with better servers and less clients [more expensive] and no more trouble.

It was the same with Joomla and huge database, same with X-C.r.a.p and LCommerce. No more 500 errors. Also, please check permissions on folders.

One more:

Instead of setting up 777, try 755.

[quote name=‘Noman’]One more:

Instead of setting up 777, try 755.[/QUOTE]

yup, 755 is correct.

donot need to change all folders, just change the root files to 755.

If you still cannot figure it out, just extract your files to your local computer and upload them together, this problem will be solved, but it will take several hours .