Installation problem Windows Server IIS

Edit: This issue was resolved. It did not have to do with permissions at all. There was something screwy going on with my test site. I installed the product on my real site and it worked flawlessly!

I've been trying to install the Community Edition of CS-Cart and I keep getting an error. All folders are set to read/write permissions and even my Server Admin tried. He said that it was getting an error everytime it gets to the outlook settings.

I was having the same error after the database was installed an error would occur when going into the style part of the installation. The problem is it just says, “Error Occured” and doesn't give me any kind of error code!

Has anyone been able to install CS-Cart on Windows running IIS?

I had this problem installing on IIS. I resolved it by disabling strict mode in mysql. You can do it directly in your mysql configuration or uncomment this line in /cs-cart-rootfolder/config.php

define('MYSQL5', true);

I was getting the same error, when attempting to install CS-Cart Multi-vendor in IIS 7.5/Windows 7. As just a dev machine and an evaluation, I was happy to just get it working. Obviously wouldn't suggest this for production.

Uncommenting the above line in config.php didn't help me, so I ran this SQL command against MySql

SET @@global.sql_mode= '';

Found it here:…sql-strict-mode

Sure there's a better way, but it worked for me.