Installation Error with Nothing in Error Logs? [v3.01]


So I am having trouble installing CS-Cart 3.01 (Installing on a local machine running Zend Server). I have set up the database, Zend Server + hosts file are configured for the domain, and all of the CS-Cart 3.01 files have been placed in the correct directory. (I have done this successfully before numerous times with other sites, including the site which I will be porting to CS-Cart 3 from v2.2.3).

I can access the install folder via the browser and it appears to run correctly (sets up database, copies skins etc.) until it reaches the lisence key page. I click next on the “appearance/theme” install page (the previous page) to go to the lisence page but it does not load the page. Instead, the page is blank with

“[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Error_occurred[/font]”

located at the top left. Nothing shows up in any log file, not the site logs, php_error log or any other Zend error log files? But the even stranger thing is, if i refresh the page (and press ‘resend info/data’ on the firefox popup) and do this three times, the page loads on the third time?

So, on the lisence page (after refreshing 3 times) it will now not allow me to check the lisence key, instead every time I press ‘check’, this error appears at the top of the page:

Error Ajax request error” in the red themed CS-Cart error box.

Even then, I can just click next (even though ‘use lisenced version of the store’ is selected) and the install apparently finishes “correctly”. However, if I click on the admin/home page links I get the same “[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Error_occurred[/font]” on the page, with nothing else displaying but that error, and nothing in the error logs?

I have cleared the database, wiped the CS-Cart cache/compiled folders, redownloaded CS-Cart 3, checked all the Zend preferences, searched the Zend/Apache/phpMyAdmin and the site directory for any form of log file that has a recent error, even scoured the database set up for the site to check if there is an option that would allow me to set the level of logging for the site and I can’t find anything? I’ve googled/searched the forums and couldn’t find any solution to my problem? (since the solution for most problems is apparently “clear the cache” … :neutral: ).




My fix was to disable MySQL Strict Mode. Refer to this article for more info: [url=“”][/url]

Credit and thanks goes to the CS-Cart Support Team.