Installation And Security Page Where It Checks Permissions/etc

I was curious when you start install script checks if files and directories are correct before installation. After installation it automatically changes the permissions or checks them and warns you. Also should be checked every couple days to see if someone perhaps hacked you or trying. Just a thought.

also a way to change admin in installation

decent ideas, add the to uservoice

EZ Admin Helper addon has a “Monitor Files” function that will tell you what (if any) files have been added, deleted or modified from your site. It can be scheduled to run nightly from a cron job.

I have found that the pre-installation check is not always correct. I.e. it will give false errors indicating that a directory is not writeable when in fact it is. The default setting in config.local.php should be adjusted to 755/644 to provide a more secure out-of-the-box solution. Note also that these values are only used when new files/directories are created. It does not go through your site and set the permissions.