Inserting Products directly into Database requires "saving" the product first

I have a bit of an odd issue, basically I have an existing import script that enters the products directly into the database. I know this is not ideal but it's not really feasible to change right now.

So my new products are being inserted into the various tables:






But they do not show up on the front end of the site, but do show up in the admin area. If edit and just click save in the admin area, all the data is there and it works as expected.

I have tried:[list]


]flushing the cache table

[]deleting the var cache folder

]comparing all the data in the above tables for a “saved” version and a “non-saved” version


I must be missing something here - does anybody have any suggestions?

Why don't you do as I did.

Add a product and use the export feature to export all products data.

The edit that file adding in your products data and import the file.

May be something with the status / timestamp / availability date?

I'm not sure how exactly you're importing directly into the data base but my guess is that the product is not assigned to a category correctly.?

Thanks for all the suggestions - I'll double check all of those!

Ok so I finally cracked it - it turns out that it was the Searchanise module that was the issue.

I trawled the database and found that there was a table called se_queue, so turned the module off and on again and the products showed up, no need for saving.

So it looks like that when you save via the admin area, product gets added to the queue, but not too sure why the module would prevent products from showing in the categories even if it wasn't in the queue. Anyway, I will take it up with CS Cart but thought I'd add a note for anyone else who might have the problem.

I am having issues with Searchanise… We only have 3,500 products in our store and I now receive this message in the Add On:

[color=#DF0101]Processing disabled by Searchanise. Search engines deactivated.[/color]

[color=#DF0101]The products in your store have to many attributes.[/color]

[color=#DF0101]Searchanise supports only up to 1000 product attributes.[/color]

[size=3]Our products don't have attributes although I do have a lot of search words per product. Could this be the problem? I think this add on is superb, when it was working.[/size]

If you think it's that “superb”, then pay to get rid of the message and get it activated again.

Its free. There is no activation option that I can see. The message says up to 1000 product attributes, not products. It was working fine.