Inserting An Image With Link(S) Into Database

Can some please explain for show us which function(s) is used to create image_links into the database?

I can not find the information listed in the manual. We have tried fn_update_image and fn_update_image_pairs with no success. As described "@param mixed $image_data Array with image data", is not specified anywhere we have found.

In short, we are attempting to create a custom image server side using, using the customers id number as the image pair, something akin to watermarking.

We have successfully been able to create the image and show it on the front end, but as there are numerous image(s), the carts backup function fails with trying to backup so many images.

We have attempted to pass the params manually with:

$img_data = array(
'id' => $user['user_id'],
'name' => $user['user_id'],
'image_x' => '440',
'image_y' => '380',
'alt' => array(
'f_name' => $user['firstname'],
'l_name' => $user['lastname'], 
'date' => $user['timestamp']
fn_update_image($img_data, $image_id = 0, $image_type = 'user');

Which creates a corrupted file in the correct place, but does not "copy" the image from the temp location.

Using fn_update_image_pairs inserts a blank value into the database without the params.

Please assist

Please check functions which import images in the Import feature. As input parameter it uses path to image