Inputting Company address

Basically, my company ships products from a separate location than our customer support department. It isn't a mile or two difference either, they're literally on the other side of the country.

I want invoices and memos and anywhere on my site, where a company address displays, to show my address for customer support (my shipping address needs to be hidden).

Thing is, I use real time rates with FedEx and they are based upon the main company address that I have listed. Right now, the rates are way off and customers aren't paying the correct price.

My question is, can I put in a second address and tell FedEx to pull from “that” address instead? Just curious.

I'm guessing my only option is to change the default address in settings to my shipping address and then go through every template which is coded to display my default address, erase the code and then physically hand type the correct customer support address, right?

I was just wondering if CS-Cart had a better option for organizing two locations.

Set your shipping location up as a supplier.

Thank you for replying.

So I activating suppliers and added a new one. I gave it the address of my shipping location and named it something else. I then went to every product and changed the supplier from “default” to the new one. I then did a test order and it said that FedEx couldn't provide real time rates. Is this most likely a temporary FedEx issue? I was wondering if anybody else had experienced issues while setting up a supplier?

You have to assign the shipping method(s) to the supplier.