Inline javascript syntax error

I’ve done a bunch of custom work to customize the home page and header for all pages.

Unfortunately, I’ve run into a snag and don’t know where to look for a solution.

I’m getting a syntax error on some inline javascript on a line of:

price[] = ‘59.99’;

I have not added any javascript other than curvycorners.js and searching that file for ‘price’ yields nothing. So I don’t know what I’ve screwed up and my javascript debugging is weak at best.

The URL is: [url][/url]

if someone could take a quick look and maybe give a pointer, I’d greatly appreciate it.

When I look at it in the debugger (firebug) and watch ‘price’ it is first ‘undefined’ and then comes up as an ‘object’. I’m assuming it’s coming as an object because “I think” that undeclared arrays are initialized as type ‘object’. But i"m not sure. But I certainly can’t see where it’s a syntax error.

Any ideas?