Inital Settings- Need Help Please!

Hey everyone,

I am a new trial member to CS-Cart, and this is my first forum post.

I am really interested in making the switch to CS-Cart, but I have a few issues that I would like resolved to confirm my decision…

1- I run my store in the USA, and ship to customer in the USA only. I need to charge sales tax for any order that is shipped to the state of Illinois. How do I configure this tax for 1 state only?

2- All of my products are best advertised by the Brand/Manufacturer which makes the product. How do I incorporate the Manufacturer image/description in the tabbed product description?

3- My store is a culinary store. I have a bunch of recipes that I want to include as “products” in my store so that they are searchable, etc. Is there a way to enter in a product that is not for sale (so it doesn’t show a price or “add to cart” button)?

4- I have a couple categories currently labeled as “hidden” because I want them to be viewable on the Top Menu only, and not on the Category navigation list. However, when labeling them as “hidden” they are removed from the Site Map and Search / Advanced Search fields. Is there another way to do this so they are not excluded?

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me with these issues.

I will be very active in this forum once I make a definite switch to CS-Cart.



You can find some answers at [URL]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

You will also find answers to your queries by searching the forums. For instance the sales tax issue has been asked and answered many times.

No 2 I just put HTML in my product import via csv and drew the image in and desc from there, not sure if that suitable for you.

3 If you dont enter a pric ein the price field then CS automatically inserts [contact us for a price], if you go to admin,content,languages and search for contact us for a price the language variable for this appears. You could perhaps change this to something like Free recipe here or something as long as you dont already use it for anything else.