Ingredients Popup


Ok I am really new so my site doesnt look nearly as good as most but, I have ingredients in all of my products because we make lotions, lib balm, shampoo and such. When someone goes to the product they can click on one of the ingredients to learn about it. I am still adding this on to all of my products but here is an example:


Here is the code I used.

In the “Full description:” box I put this on top:


and then around the Ingredient name I put:

[HTML]Palma Rosa[/HTML]

Palma Rosa is the ingredient. The link goes to a html page I made with the ingredients description.

Please tell me anything you would do instead of this.

The only problem I have with it is that I have to insert all of this code into each products “Full Description” box.

good job =)

If I wanted this script to load in all of my product pages could I just add it to a template?

What template would it be? The “product_details” template?

Or could I make this:


a .js file and put it into the scripts directory? Then point to it in the “product_details.tpl” file?

ALRIGHT! That worked.

I just made a new .js file with:


written in it.

I then uploaded it to the “scripts” directory.

After that I went into the “product_details.tpl” file and added:


To the top of the code in it.

Now all I have to do is add:


to each ingredient under each products “full description”.

For those that would like to know. I dont know anything so im proud of myself for this one. :slight_smile: