Indexed Pages Dropping Since 4.1.3

Since upgrading to 4.1.3 the number of indexed pages have dropped by over 200 in GWT, whilst the number of submitted pages has been unaffected. I can’t see any issues with our sitemap or site etc, but this has been affecting visits - anyone got any ideas.

Also Google Analytics is no longer picking up when an order has been placed, as it did before this version. We have the correct GA universal account and code.


I can confirm the same issues, although Google Analytics may be related to 'universal' analytics?/

Well I'm still having issues with indexing but seems more stable than it was. I noticed that meta descriptions of some items, mostly manufacturers, were the text from the EU cookie law pop up, and some would be along the lines of “Sort by Popularity. Sort Alphabetically: A to Z · Sort Alphabetically: Z to A · Sort by Price: Low to High · Sort by Price: High to Low · Sort by Bestselling.”

What on earth's going on!!

So turned off the canonical addon and cookie pop up, and these two actions seemed to help. However, the items with the incorrect meta descriptions do not seem to be correcting themselves - am I not right in thinking that when Google crawls the site it will pick up the change and/or resubitting the sitemap should resolve them?

As it stands I am manually trying to find the pages with incorrect meta desciptions and doing a GWT fetch and resubmit. It's going to take a while …