Increasing International Traffic?

I have a website that I’ve been running for almost six years now and I get most of my traffic from the U.S., where I’m located and occasionally some traffic from other countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada, but I realize, for whatever reason, that traffic from India and a few other countries has been minimal.

I know in cases, language is important but a lot of people in India speak English, so I don’t see why my website which is in English, would prevent me gaining India traffic?

I was wondering if anybody had any pointers to help me increase traffic from this area or any area where I’m not seeing lots of clicks?

I’ve read several things online about buying up foreign domain extensions such as or or I really don’t see the true benefits of investing in such domains other than certain web directories, from what I’ve experienced, only allow domains with particular extensions such as .in, in the case of some India site directories. Then again, would simply investing in a .in or a domain that forwards to my .com site help, or would I need to go as far as creating a physical .in or site on an India sever?

Does anybody know the easiest way of tackling this? :confused:

I thought about hiring a SEO company out of India to submit some articles to India blogs, etc, that link to my main .com site? I don’t know if there are directories in India that they can access, that I cannot, that could increase India traffic for me?

Any ideas?

I guess the first question would be: how are you marketing your wares now?

While the multiple domains can be a benefit in some circumstances, I don’t think it is a solution in and of itself.

You don’t mention what you sell nor a link to your site so it’s too hard to speculate.