Increased Number Of Failed Orders Lately

I used to hardly ever get any failed orders but there have been many the last few weeks. Seems like they are getting more and more frequent. Some are from customers I have been working with so they aren't bots or scams. While some have the order fail and then eventually get the transaction to approve, many customers are getting to the failed portion and then just walking away. One customer did tell me he was having a Captcha issue and it was eventually resolved by him using another computer (or maybe registering on a page other than checkout). I have had failure with credit cards, PayPal and even Amazon Pay. I can look at my logs but not sure how to decipher what the issue.

I had similar, and it turned out to be recaptcha at the time, Cant remember exacttly what fixed it

try and place as many test orders as you can yourself, with different browsers etc.

Did this ever get resolved? We're experiencing an increased number as of yesterday (pretty much all orders now), but then after the order immediately fails, the order gets processed when the payment processor sends the signal. The customer is left stranded on the checkout page though (we updated the error message to help out). We are not using recaptcha on the order checkout, only in a few other areas. Thanks!

I think mine was a reCaptcha based issue as failures have slowed tremendously since removing it from checkout.