Increase Price for One Feed Only

I use the Data Feeds addon to submit by product listings to Google, Bing, Amazon, etc.

B&N now has a marketplace for sellers to list their products on. Problem is that their shipping allowances are fixed and much lower than the actual shipping costs incurred to me. This has caused me to deny some orders and accept others based on percent profit from each order.

Is there a way to increase the sell price on my entire catalog for only one of my data feed exports? I want all prices to increase about 20% to cover the limited shipping allowances.

I cannot alter the pricing on my actual site as this will affect all of my products and feeds.

Thanks for any input!

Probably a 2 part process:

  1. Add an exim pre controller that would set a percentage or actual amount of “surcharge” for each item if the feed was the one you wanted.
  2. Add a hook to adjust the price if that variable/registry entry were set…

    could be many more steps if you want a true administrative environment to manage the feed/price_adjust mapping, etc. But if you can live with hard-coding it, it shouldn't be that tricky. I.e.

    In your pre controller, something like:

if( Feed name == "bing" )
Registry::set('price_adjust', "5%");

Then in your price hook have something like:

if( ($adj = Registry::get('price_adjust')) )
if( strpos($adj, '%') !== false ) {
$x = explode('%', $adj);
$adj = ($x[0]/100);
$price *= (1+$adj);
} else {
$price += $adj;

Of course, this is pseudo-code intended to give you an idea, not necessarily a solution.