Increace in orders that get undeliverable address notice during checkout

I have had several customers tell me that they could not complete their order because at checkout, they were told their address was deliverable. I have checked with the local USPS and find that the address is correct. If I place the order for them, I can “continue” and complete the order. Is anyone else having this problem and what can I do? Thanks


The only thing I can think of is that you have some type of address verification turned on in Maybe there is a security setting in there somewhere?

As far as I know, CS-Cart doesn't have any kind of address verification built in, so I'd assume it would be with your payment processor.



Agree, there is no actual “Address Verification” built-in to CS-Cart that would prevent “Realtime” shipping rates from being returned.

Just a quick thought, and may be a long shot, however, double check what you have entered under Admin>Settings General>Default Location

Make sure you do not have ANYTHING entered in these fields other than perhaps setting your Default Country = UNITED STATES (Considering your customer base is entirely or mostly US based) ;)

Um, isn't this related to shipping? Wouldn't we want to know what shipping method and whether they are using real-time shipping or not?

My guess is that they are using USPS real-time and that the format of the address is causing their address validation to fail. UPS also uses address validation on their back-end to determine residential from commercial where possible.