"Incorrect or missing confirmation code." - Contact Us Page

As above. Seems to be a problem and comes up with that error.


Have you tried different combinations to see if you are getting the error for all of them?

Admin > Settings > Image Verification

Digits Only

Letters Only


Are you getting the error when you are logged in or not?

Tried all of them. Error whilst logged out.

Does it only occur with the contact us page OR will ALL forms?

I seem to be having the same issue with v2.04 on all forms. It worked with v2.03??

I have the same problem on all form

After many tests, no result. I inform you if it will be ok.


In comparaison 1.35 to 2.04 captcha.php change

Line >





I try to upload the 1.35 captcha to 2.04 > error…

Ok its late…good night, i will search tomorrow

the same problem now i am getting. Any help ?


I was on 2.0.4 > I m not found the solution

After on 2.0.5 > I m not found the solution.

I m now on 2.06 > always not ok…

Any idea ? someone had the same problem?


My problem is solved.

i Use helpdesk.

The problem was i have a new folder “myskin” and the “image_verification.tpl” in template wasn’t upgrade.