Incorrect amount when added to cart

Once again apologies if this has been covered somewhere but I can’t find it…just upgraded from 4.12.x (was working great) to 4.13.x and doing some initial testing.

We have products configured for the customer to enter their own price (gift cards). It appears the first one can be added to the cart correctly, but every product thereafter is also added at that same price.

For example, a customer enters in a price for 10.00 and a quantity of 1, and it is added…cart shows 10.00. If continuing to shop and attempts to add another quantity of 1 with a price of 20.00, another 1 x 10.00 is added instead of the intended 1 x 20.00 (and cart then shows a total of 20.00).

Hope I’m explaining well enough. What am I mssing with 4.13 that would affect previously correct working products to not be added to the cart correctly now? BTW, our store is about as bare bones as you can get, mostly stock installation with very few 3rd party add-ons.

Thank you for any thoughts!

Looks like a bug. Please post it to the bug tracker

I did, ecom, thank you for suggesting.

I can’t believe no one else has run into this with products set for ‘ask customer to enter amount’.

I did test a few products with a set price, and it appears they do indeed get added to the cart as intended…different priced products show up as separate products in the cart.

Still looking at possible ways 4.13 handles product options and if I’m missing a checkbox somewhere.